Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Porn ~ The End...for now

As much as I love cooking, and eating my food, I do not like taking pictures of it, and trying to organize the pictures on here. So I have had these ones sitting on my computer for a bit, and thought I would throw them up on here, and call it good for now. Summer is just too darn busy for me.

Chili seasoned chicken thighs.

Eggs surrounded by left over stir fry goodness. 

Almond spice crusted Mahi Mahi

Coconut pancake topped with fruit, and a side of Fage yoghurt.


Almond flour cream cheese coffee cake

Green beans smothered in marinara sauce and sour cream

Pumpkin cheesecake

Asparagus wrapped in sour cream, and prosciutto.

Parsnip bake

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goals: Update 2

It has been a long time since I have updated my goals, and I know you guys are just dying to see what I have accomplished. ;)

Some may have disappeared, and that is because I do not need them anymore.

BECOME A YOGA INSTRUCTOR: My yoga class was canceled for the summer. I have no words...well I do but they are a bit too colourful. I have books, so my studies must to done that way I suppose. Why did they cancel my class?!!! Lame.

HAVE A CREATIVE HOME THAT FITS ME: My house is still not repaired, but I am still working on other parts of the house. My kids bathroom looks amazing, and my room is starting to feel peaceful. I have been doing a lot of yard work, so the outside is starting to have a wonderful fresh feeling as well. I have a feeling once my home feels like home, it will be time to move on.

MEET MORE PEOPLE LIKE ME. MAKE FRIENDS: I think I am going to go with Buddha on this one: "He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes."
Not that I do not want to love anyone, or have friends, I am just realizing that I don't need them as much as I thought I did, and the small amount I do have, do in fact, cause a lot of woes.

TAKE MORE PICTURES. HAVE MORE PICTURES TAKEN OF ME: We need to get our family ones done. It has been 2 years since we have had any taken. Other than that, my folders are filled.

BE MORE ACTIVE...IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE: Yes, but I am becoming bored. Not of my life, but of  a different situation. 

DO ART: I need supplies, but the yearn is there again.

RUN A MARATHON, OR AT LEAST A HALF: Hell no. I have realized that I do not like running. I like to chase my kids, and do sprints here and there, but I do not like to just run. I will pass on the marathon. Now if more people here got smart and realized running barefoot is the way to go, I may join them. Here so far, running is all about how cool your shoes are. Seriously.

CONTINUE ON MY RECIPE BOOK: I am shamed to admit that meals are more on the quick side lately. On the plus side since it is warmer, we are eating a lot more fresh raw foods, so there is no need for me to turn on the stove.

LEARN TO STRUM A GUITAR: My guitar just sits in the corner waiting for some attention. I promise I will touch you my little stringed friend.

DO SOMETHING CRAZY AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH: I am beginning to forget what classifies as crazy.

TRY SOMETHING NEW ONCE A MONTH: I laid down a new bathroom floor in our house with material I have never used before. Made some stairs that go down the back of our porch (never made stairs before). I am becoming quite the handy-woman.

COOK. EXPLORE DIFFERENT TASTES. EAT: I am horrified to admit that Larabars have become my new favourite fix, and I have not played with different recipes lately.

READ MORE. MORE VARIETY, AND MORE OFTEN: Now that beautiful summer is here, I can lay out in my hammock, and relax. My kids are fish, and happily play in water why I cram my nose in a book of my choice. 

RAISE FREE THINKERS. CONTINUE TO BE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX:  My kids have been dabbing in all kinds of ideas lately, and their imagination astounds me. I am so glad their little minds can turn whatever situation they are in into something wonderful. They love life. My parenting mission is going well. 

DANCE: Shane is trying to learn some basic dancing, so maybe one day we can try it in public! 

BREATHE!: It is something I am becoming more familiar with. 

MOVE: Yes, this is a new one. One that has crept up, and lashed out. I do not like to say "if you are in a situation you don't like, leave". I would rather figure it out, and flip it to positive. After 5+ years of realizing you are not where you belong, positivity can not take hold. I can not regret moving here, because I have grown so much, and have realized so much being here, that I must be thankful. However, my growth is being pinned down with a needle, and I don't handle being pinned. No matter how small. When it gets to the point that your husband is miserable,  your children can not communicate with other children on a realistic level, and you are in defense mode every time you walk out the door, you just know. This is not living. This is suppression. I refuse to play a part. The force to conform here is sickening. When the door opens, we will be leaping through.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Anger is something I have been overflowing with a lot lately. I have been finding myself very short tempered, and having a nasty attitude. For those of you who know me personally, you might be wondering if I am just figuring this out, or if it has somehow gotten worse. Well the answer is both. Having a house that is trying to sink to the ground would rattle anyone's nerves, but add to that a car that doesn't want to work, a husband that you never get to see, and family members health giving out can give you a little push toward the edge.
I have found myself not being patient with my kids, and expecting them to act like mini adults. Which is awful.  I will drive like a mad woman being chased by a fleet of zombies in police cars, just to grab a quick bunch of bananas. I will grind my teeth if I hear the neighbours dog bark, threatening in my mind to sneak over there and feed it chocolate. Or knicker knock on the owners door at all hours of the night, just so they know how it feels. If my husband asks me whats for dinner I fling back a "whatever the hell you are making!", along with a spatula. If I find his nasty black work socks in with my whites, I will threaten demented violence, and act like my laundry will never be the same again.
So I had to have a go at myself. "Really Angelina? Really?! Your children are wonderfully loud, wild, and dirty kids, and they always should be allowed to act like such. Maybe you should put down the laundry, and join them! And do you think the bananas going to get up, and run off if that little old lady doesn't move her Caviler 5 miles an hour faster? And you would never feed a dog chocolate, or get your lazy butt out of bed to go and knock on someones door, then have the energy to run back home before they can answer. Face it woman, the only person you are hurting while huffing, and puffing about every little thing is you! Why do you feel like you have to compete with everyone? You do not need to get anywhere faster than anyone else. You do not always have to be right. I know that makes you clench your teeth just mentioning that, but guess what?! You don't. If things get broken, oh well. They are just things. The action of the break may have been followed by a life lesson, and you would have missed the opportunity just to save your junk. Your husband does love you. Even though you do not get to see him much, he is always thinking of you, and you know it. He is a walking tornado, but he does not do it just to get your goat. He isn't evil or possessed. He is just a crazy loon, just like you."

I find myself all up and arms about everything to even allow myself to meditate, or do yoga. Which is really quite sad. These are the little things that will ground me the most.
So,  I am taking notice to every moment I am wasting. I am trying to fill the "what ifs", and "one days" with NOW. 
My family, and I went to Costco on Thursday to grab our weekly loot. The store is always packed, and pushing a cart (with 2 kids hanging off it) should be an Olympic sport. I carried my "now" in with me, and we were off. I stayed very mindful of the moment, and made note that we were well fed, happy, and in no rush. The whole trip ended up more pleasant than any family outing we have had in weeks. As I walked out though, a sudden realization hit me. Everyone person in there is Angry. Everyone tried to get down the isles first, everyone crammed to get in line, they gave a dirty look if someone got there first, and no one was laughing, or having a good time. I asked my husband if he noticed it, and he said "yeah, it has always been like that". I had to gulp when I asked "Am I noticing this because I am becoming more mindful, or because I was just like them?". Did I really need to ask? 
Then I asked myself "are we all really this put out to be alive?". No wonder suicide rates are going through the roof. No wonder doctors are prescribing emotion numbing drugs all of the time. No one is taught how to enjoy life, and  how to truly live. We are taught how to be successful, how to act, how to suppress our emotions, how to shout to get peoples attention, how to have a big house with a big mortgage, how to have the most sophisticate cell phone, and how to use it while we drive our ridiculously large vehicles on the freeway going at least 10 miles over the speed limit. We are taught how to be Angry. 
No one teaches us how to be mindful, how to truly listen, and how to live right now. If we were to have someone teach us, would we listen? Would we take time out of busy schedules to learn compassion? How to realize that by helping others, we help ourselves, and by hurting others, we do the most damage to us? Sad thing is, this has been common sense to me all of my life. I just got too caught up in my life to take the time to remember. It was on a sticky note in the back of my mind, but I could not be bothered to to go all the way back there, and read it.
My heart goes out to all of those people at Costco who shove by everyone, and race to the checkout. It goes out to all of the crazy drivers on the road, who think they need to get there a few seconds faster. By all means, please pass me. Sadly little do they realize that they are passing a lot more than that.
Perhaps we all have these sticky notes?  I sure hope so. If we do not start pulling them out, and reading them, we will suffer. If we think being angry is the way to live, we are a sad lot indeed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reckless... but Happy!

My house is a swamp, and the insurance company is not even going to cover a fourth of the damage (there is probably close to $25k of damage to our house). That is including the roof they are not going to cover. So we have no way to get a roof on our house at the moment. It is going to be raining, and snowing for at least another week before we get a touch of dry weather, so my house is just going to get wetter. So there is nothing we can do, but wait to hear if we qualify for some help. I am not handling this stress well in any way shape or form, and simply want to suck on a rum bottle all day. I don't drink (really rarely), so that says a lot. So how do I handle this? I go buy shoes! I justified them because, A: I needed new shoes. My kids literally bit a hole out of my crocs, and they are not doing so good *cry*, B: I hate shoes! I don't like anything on my feet, and never have. I have claimed them to be against my religion since I learned how to talk. People still made me wear them (and still do...stupid store policies). So I need to wear shoes, that don't feel like shoes. And C: They were 40% off. Yep, I was reckless. I rarely buy anything new, and I rarely spend more than a couple bucks on shoes (more like 50 cents at garage sales). This was a biggie for me. Somehow I feel happier though (sick, and sad how an inanimate object brings joy eh?).

I must admit I am enjoying the odd looks I get as well when I wear them. We should call it reason D.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Food Porn ~ w4

                  Almond crust Pizza
Following this recipe, this pizza crust turned out pretty darn good.
It was edible for sure, but not "realistic". I try not to have too many nuts, but I missed pizza. So I ate it.

                      The Devils Eggs
With homemade tallow mayo, these things are a hit with my little savages. In fact they threw a little fit while I took this picture. I could see them thinking "What does setting delicious eggs on a wicker hamper accomplish? Eating them is so much more beneficial! Give them here, and I shall show you!" ...yes this is how my kids think. I just know it.
        Citrus Ginger Roasted Chicken
Pretty simple. Take a chicken, take out the inner goodies (save for stock, and gravy), rub it down with a concoction of butter, and coconut oil (I use both because the taste of coconut oil is awesome on chicken, but the seasonings do not stick to it. So in comes yummy butter that tastes great, and makes the spices stick!), then rub it with amazing spices. Shove it in the oven for about an hour at 425'. Eat the crispy skin!
    Spinach Omelet Muffins
I kind of followed this recipe, and kind of just went nuts. The end result was tasty though! If you have little savages I totally recommend them because they are so simple for little fingers. They keep well, and are the perfect size. They also taste good cold. Picnic anyone?
Sweet Lamb Meatballs
These would have tasted a lot better if I didn't over cook them. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and cardamom in lamb? Oh yes! Next to mashed cauliflower smothered in gravy, and roasted broccoli...perfect.

*What is up with this huge gap? I can not get rid of it!

            The Best Primal Cookies EVER!
It is true. I am a chocolate cookie girl, but these took the cake as simple as they are. I loved them, the kids inhaled them, the husband smothered them in chocolate coconut milk pudding, and went into pure bliss.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Disappearance

No, I did not die, or fall of the face of the Earth, or find a secret cave to hide out in (although that sounds wonderful at the moment). I just have too much on my plate, and can not fathom making myself think, let alone write down what I think. The new stress? Our house. Our roof is rubish, so that leaves us with a soggy house. Crappy mod roof, with wicked windstorms do not mix apparently. Our house is literally soggy. Everything from the ceiling panels to the sub flooring has to be replaced. My bathroom, and laundry room are literally sinking. We will find out Monday, or Tuesday what the insurance company can do. There is so much damage here, I can barely function. At least mentally. You work so hard on a crappy house, and try to make it nicer, and feel more like home (which you had almost succeeded at, or so you think) then...BAM! the sucker is rotting to the ground right underneath your feet. So all I can think about 24/7 is: Am I going to lose my house? Will it be so bad they condemn it? Will they help pay for the roof, and the inside damage? Will they give me a place to stay while it is being repaired? Am I going to be taking a bath, and suddenly fall the ground?...stay tuned to find out what happens on "Days of My Soggy Life".

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goals: Update 1

Every month I am going to publicly announce where I am in my goals. Maybe publicly humiliating...I mean praising myself will help me stay motivated. So here is my list, and where I am on it at the moment.

BECOME A YOGA INSTRUCTOR: Still staying strong doing my yoga. Shane, and I attended couples yoga, and it was amazing. I learned a whole new realm of what a body can do with a little help from another body.

LOSE 15 POUNDS, OR TURN THAT WEIGHT INTO MUSCLE: Getting there slowly but surely. Shane's fat seems to be molding into perfect muscles while he sits on his rump. Not fair!

HAVE A CREATIVE HOME THAT FITS ME: Well I fit in it, but that is about it. Until yard selling time comes around, I am kinda stuck with what I got. I also need the good weather to paint etc. I am excited to paint my doors different colours. Don't ask me why, but I like painted doors.

MEET MORE PEOPLE LIKE ME. MAKE FRIENDS: Nope, no sign holding yet. I missed an awesome opportunity though, that I am still kicking myself for. I was too busy looking for a particular spice, that I passed up a possible friend. A couple, shopping on a Sunday (here in Utah! Sinner!). She had a pierced nose (I am trying to grow the balls to do this), and ate real food. Shane was talking to her husband, but I had my nose stuck in spices! Kick me!

KEEP A TIDY HOUSE: The more I am purging the better it is getting. I hate clutter! I would be much further if I did not have 2 sweet little savage helpers undoing everything I do as fast as I do it. Quit breaking everything you little stinkers!

TAKE MORE PICTURES. HAVE MORE PICTURES TAKEN OF ME: My camera is a POS! I am still taking a lot of pictures though, and allowing pictures to be taken of me (which is a big deal for me). I even got some pictures of Shane, and I doing couples yoga. I was sweaty, and beat, but its all good.

BE MORE ACTIVE...IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE: I sure hope so! I have been keeping pretty busy. I like to say I enjoy learning about stuff that is usually brushed under the rug. I love ripping up rugs, and playing in the hidden dirt that is left under them.

LEARN SELF DEFENSE. MASTER IT: I kneed Shane in the nuts on accident while he was tickling me. I guess if someone attack tickles me, I will be set.

DO ART: Does spraying designs on the windows with vinegar count? I think it does. Yes, it does.

MINIMALIZE POSSESSIONS: Bye bye crap! I am taking a Jeep load of things to the thrift store about once a week. How does one acquire so much stuff?!

RUN A MARATHON, OR AT LEAST A HALF: I did a couple of lunges last week. Awesome training eh?

CONTINUE ON MY RECIPE BOOK: Out of printer ink, but still playing with recipes, and jotting down notes.

LEARN TO STRUM A GUITAR: Who wants to give me some lessons?

DO SOMETHING CRAZY AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH: I do something crazy everyday. Just sadly nothing big enough to put on this list. I did have a go at a guy last night at Costco for parking his carts (yes carts) next to me up on the divider, instead of walking an extra 20 feet to put them where they belong. How lazy can people be? I get it, they are big carts, and hard to maneuver, but seriously people. I took all 3 carts, and pushed them up there with ease. I have no doubt that embarrassed the hell out of him. I don't think he liked being told off by a woman, and then outdone physically by a woman. Guess what though? I bet he will put his carts back next time. Shane thinks it was crazy (he does not know me well does he?), so I thought it might get me some extra points. Maybe it was the mad look in my eye that did it. 

DO SOMETHING AS A FAMILY AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK: Ugh, thanks to this awful Utah winter weather, we have been locked inside the house. If my daughter did not think she is allergic to the cold, it would make it easier. We play games, watch movies, build huts out of chairs and blankets, have pillow fights, and read books by the fire place every night. I guess it could be worse.

TRY SOMETHING NEW ONCE A MONTH: I made tallow! Something I was extremely nervous to make, but ended up being a breeze. Froze it, chopped it, ground it, crock potted it, strained it, and voila. Awesome. I also have my homemade sauerkraut fermenting as we speak. I rule.

COOK. EXPLORE DIFFERENT TASTES. EAT: Done, and done. Must keep up on it though. Can't risk falling behind in all that eating. I am falling behind majorly in my food porn because the food gets eaten so darn fast, but have no fear, I am still cooking.

READ MORE. MORE VARIETY, AND MORE OFTEN: I have read 2 books this month. I should be shot in the foot.

RAISE FREE THINKERS. CONTINUE TO BE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX: Check. I think I fell off the platform where the box sits.

DANCE: I am the queen of my kids. They think I am the best. As long as I don't look in a mirror, I can keep a straight face.

BREATHE!: I plead the fifth.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Inner Lioness

I must have been a lion in a past life. That is the only thing that can explain my issues. I am actually a little embarrassed to say this. I guess we can call this a little confession. I am having a hard time putting my finger on this one, so maybe announcing it publicly will help.

First let me start off by declaring my love for animals. I have always saved little dying birds, snakes, and other miscellaneous creatures you can find in the mountains of Montana. It always broke my heart to see deer, elk, and other game hanging up in our neighbours yards. Growing up I have saved animals from being tortured, killed for sport, and even convinced one of my exes to never hunt again (amazing since his whole family hunts, and has carcasses of all kinds of game decorating their houses). I was never able to go by the butcher store that I use to live right by without feeling a tug on my heart. I would actually drive the long way around if I saw a trailer unloading animals, because I knew I would get sick if I caught a glimpse of them, knowing today would be their last day.
A couple of years ago, I watched Food Inc, and got a huge eye opener on how the animals I was eating were being slaughtered, fed, and taken care of. I swore that I would not support the big companies, and went vegetarian until I could get food that wouldn't be supporting that yucky mess. I knew I could never go vegetarian for life, but I was willing to go further than most. I do however want my meat to not have suffered slowly, and painfully for my benefit. After tons of interviewing farmers, and learning all the slaughtering processes, I finally settled on a cow that was grass fed, cared for, roamed free on a ranch, and was slaughtered the most humane way possible. My cow did not see any other cows die, he was not stressed, and he felt nothing. I am very grateful for that cows life.
I am even a huge lover of Sea Shepherd, and all the work they do. I would even love to volunteer one day when my kids are older (yes I could go vegan if needed while there). I still feel the need to save animals. I took in 2 baby ducks last summer because their mom was ran over in the road. No one stopped, or slowed down! My duckies brothers, and sisters were lying there next to their mom. Worst day ever.  I could never hurt an animal myself (unless I was starving), and can't even put a bird out of its misery that my cat got, because I could never be the one to take a life (don't worry I ran the bird to my brother who sweetly took care of it for me). Needless to say I love animals. I do.
The issue? I love to eat animals. Not like regular people eat meat though. I mean I truly love to eat animals. Here is where my inner lioness comes in. I watch gazelles prancing on a wildlife shows, and get hungry. I am jealous of the predator that gets the weak one. I watched a giraffe being dissected for science, and I started smacking my lips. This is not a joke. I do this. I am sick, and twisted. It gets worse. As a child I would eat the softer bones of chicken (and other carcasses), and lick the blood that was left over on the plate. I wanted rare food, but it was not allowed. Now, I like my steaks barely seared. Just enough to pull a little more flavour out, and the middle raw. I was chopping up lamb the other day, and without thinking grabbed a chunk, and threw it in my mouth. The raw goodness was sooo amazing. I made tallow from the kidney fat of a cow, and declared it liquid gold. I like eating the hearts, and livers of animals. I look at dead deer on the side of the road, and wish I knew if it was a fresh hit, because boy I bet it would be yummy!

So I could not handle shooting a duck, or watching anyone hurt a duck, but if someone brought me a dead duck, I would get a little giddy. I could not hunt, nor date anyone that does, yet I wish a had a huge pile of venison in my freezer. I am corrupt. I openly admit it.

I remember at a party about 6 years ago, we were all talking about our greatest dying fears. Drowning, being burnt alive, and a few other ones were thrown out there. Then someone mentioned being eaten alive by some sort of animal. Everyone agreed that in some way, they have had this fear as well. I stood there feeling very awkward. Not only did I never have a small thought of fear of being eaten by an animal, but have had dreams of being an animal, and tearing my catch to shreds. I never shared it, because I didn't want to be looked at in horror, but it really made me realize how messed up I really am.

There is more, but that is all I am willing to admit about my inner beast for now.
My only conclusion is that I for sure was a lion in a past life. It is the only thing that explains it. That gives me the feeling that I still feel the need to be wild. The human part of me loves, and cares for animals. The human part wants no harm to come to them, and watch the beauty of wildlife. My inner lioness  wants to chase them, and eat them raw.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Food Porn ~ w3

I am bummed at my lack of pictures (and the quality of course). I made some beautiful chilli dijon lemon mahi mahi, steak, and eggs, and pancakes that I wanted to add to this. Sadly it all got inhaled before I could blink, or should I say click.Next time.
Again sorry for the horrid pictures, my camera will be relieved as soon as I can find it a replacement.

Green Bread and Ham
This is spinach bread with a mixture of  goods piled on. One I was feeling more fresh, so it has homemade mayo slathered on the bottom, sprouts, cucumber, ham, avocado, and tomatoes. The other is more savory. It has mayo, ham, avocado, and grilled onions, and red peppers on top. These were so good I had the exact same thing for the next 3 days for lunch.

Banana Choco Chip Bread with Choco Pudding
Oh how it killed me to watch my family love this. No, not really. I love watching them enjoy food like I do. As soon as my candida bites the dust, this will be on my evil menu.

Nothing too awesome about this, besides the taste. Made with almond meal, and shredded coconut, this beast was filling! 

Roasted Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Toasted Almonds
One of the best sides to have at lunch ever.

Julie and Julia

I truly, wholeheartedly fell head over heals in love with this movie. It is such a wonderful, happy, feel good movie. I made my husband watch it with me (he liked it as well, but made him seriously hungry), and have watched it more than just a few times myself. This movie puts me in a wonderful mood. When I am having a bad day, and just want to scream in a pillow, or beat something with a wet noodle, I turn to Julie and Julia.
I love Julia's constant positivity. I envy the time she had in France, and how she could just go down the street, shop for the best produce, and haggle the goods. Her relationship with her husband makes me laugh, and her sister was such a kick in the pants! How I would love to sit down, and have dinner with that bunch. I loved how bold, and loud she was. Nothing stood in her way. What a brilliant inspiration. I would love to have a smile on my face like that all of the time.
I loved Julie in the movie. She was so sweet, yet had a stash of attitude. She was soft, yet could kick ass. I related to her in many ways (meltdowns in the kitchen, feeling trapped, had a wonderful husband who understood her etc). I learned that Amy Adams actually did boil a live lobster in the movie. I was shocked! I thought that was illegal to hurt living things in order to make a movie? Hmm, guess not. I envy her bed pillow (the yellow one with a odd tree on it). I also noticed she used Fiesta dishes as well (I am going to get me a set of those soon. None of my dishes match, none of my silverware match, and with all the cooking I do, I deserve it). Enough envy.
I would love to find a really good paleo/primal cookbook, and cook through it. If I find one, I may just.
The downside to this show, is I can never sit through it. I have to get up, and cook. Sounds very pathetic I know, but it is true. Sometimes I pop it in for a few minutes just to get the motivation to make dinner. The bruschetta she fries up, makes me drool every time. Eating paleo does not allow me to eat 99.9% of the food in the movie, but thank goodness I am a good cook, and can wing it! I make bruschetta that even makes my husbands toes curl. I guess this really is a up side.
The really down side? I did some research on the real Julie Powell, and I was a bit bummed at what I found. She was not the sweet, stash of attitude, soft, kick ass girl I fell in love with in the movie. She was a bitch...scratch that, I am a bitch. She was down right intolerable. The meltdowns were beyond ridiculous, and the negativity that spewed out this woman was down right heartbreaking. I actually thought “Thank god Amy Adams played her, or it would be ruined!”. I found her Julie/Julia project blog, and have been reading it. I have enjoyed quite a bit of it. Even with all of her negativity, it is entertaining. I can see how Julia Child found it disrespectful. I think the “f” word was used, and abused. Although there are times, when that word fits. But who am I to say what words you can, and can not say, and how many times you can use them?...nobody. She could even be funny. When it comes down to it though, she was just a dramatic whiner. Bummer.
Although if I do cook my way through a paleo/primal cookbook, I will have to give thanks to her for the idea.
As for Julia Child, she is a wonderful inspiration. I love watching the old episodes of her cooking show, and watching her passion poor out of the screen into me. Nothing to sadden me on that end. She had a beautiful marriage, and a wonderful sense of humor. She lived a long happy life, and she died peacefully. What a woman.
Conclusion? Watch the movie, love it, live it, and eat it up. If it is to happy, sappy, or positive for you, read the blog.